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Sebenarnya sih bukan barang baru di duna motor matic, tapi berhubung langka aja di pasaran jdi kurang terkenal di kita dan saking mahalnya juga buat masukin nya. Dari mulai aksesoris dan part-part mesin tersedia lengkap dengan branding STAGE6 ini. Shockbreaker, Pulley, Kampas kopling, Roller set dll. tepatnya ada 28 part yg dikeluarkan oleh manufacture dengan nama STAGE6 ini.
Part-part yang berasal dari negara perancis ini di klaim bisa menikatkan akselerasi dan performance. berikut adalah sebagian part dan aksesorisnya.

Suspension technology from Stage6. In cooperation with renowned suspension parts manufacturers, a completely new suspension unit for scooter racing has been achieved. The 30 mm telescopic fork with CNC-milled calliper mounts and adjustable spring preload and damping will also be available as a reinforced 33 mm version in 2009. The high-precision shock absorber from Stage6 made of 7075 AL is a lightweight construction in a league of its own. All parts are CNC-milled. Spring preload as well as rebound and compression damping can be adjusted. Also available is a version
with two-way damping to adjust high and low speed damping.

The performance of a scooter depends strongly on the quality of the drivetrain. Stage6 offers a high quality belt and a high precision CNC Racing drive. Some other manufacturers offer drives with an angle which limits performance, and which may even vary in the same batch. Our Racing drive guarantees the same race proven angle any time. Together with the spacer shims it is easily set up for the best possible performance.

The patented Stage6 clutch can be adjusted to any possible engine characteristic and use, by using a continuous preload spring adjustment and by a variety of screw-in weights. For preload adjustment the clutch can actually remain on the gearshaft. The clutch unit is extremely strong with a bolt-on backplate, hence it can withstand extreme engine torque.

The Stage6 WingCooler clutch bell is the ideal partner for the clutch. Clutches are notoriously sensitive regarding operating temperature. With its cooling fins, the bell creates a permanent airflow which helps to keep the clutch cool.

Newly developed sport variator to improve acceleration and top speed. Optimised for use with 70 cc Streetrace or Sport cylinders and Pro Replica or Pro exhaust systems. The kit contains the variator with hard-coated roller tracks, back plate with low-friction coating, torque spring, shims, bushing and a set of roller weights. They are adapted for use with original cylinders and Pro Replica exhaust systems.

Every engine only performs as good as its set up. Many engines never reach their full potential simply because the transmission is not properly tuned. Hence, Stage6 offers an affordable Tuning Set with a variety of weights to efficiently set up the variator. Once you have found the correct weights, these may be replaced with high precision weights available in sets of three.

Racing conversions usually do away with the side stand. This is where the Stage6 paddock stand comes in handy. The wheels allow easy jacking-up of the scooter. This way working on the variator is also possible. Stage6 of course also offers various merchandise products such as stickers, oil measuring jugs or lanyards.

Untuk Info lebih lanjut bisa lgsg cek katalognya di www.stage6.fr dan jangan lupa siapin isi dompet bro/sist berupa EURO untuk nebus barang-berang keluaran STAGE6 ini.

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