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Shoei X14 Solid Glossy Black

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The difference between a race win and second-place finish can be decided by mere milliseconds, which is precisely why World Champions like Marc Marquez choose the all-new SHOEI X-Fourteen to help shave time off of every lap.

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Design Concept

• Developed utilizing rider input from the world’s top racers like Marc Marquez and Bradley Smith
• Tested in SHOEI’s wind tunnel for next-level aerodynamics and ventilation
• Enhanced high-speed stability while reducing drag and negative forces
• Ventilation performance features innovative cheek pad cooling system
• Patent-pending adjustable/rotating liner components for customizable fit and greater field of vision


• Refined in SHOEI’s wind tunnel to yield the most aerodynamic and stable X-Series helmet yet
• All-new shell shape along with a completely redesigned, patent-pending Rear Stabilizer
• Standard Rear Flaps can be replaced with optional, narrower flaps to customize aerodynamics
• Strategically placed ridges along the top shell and chin bar reduce turbulence and drag
• Maximizes high-speed stability while reducing negative forces to the rider

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