Suomy - SR Sport Star Orange Fluo

New product

  • New graphics
  • Has blue cap made polimateriale
  • mix fabric Kevlar, carbon fiber, resin-bonded, and in two shell sizes M and L printed by hand.
  • Mirror visor edition

More details

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Rp‎. 8.345.000

-Rp‎. 155.000

Rp‎. 8.500.000

  • Internal construction polystyrene two sizes (M and L) of different density which increases the mechanical strength in case of accidental impact, with ducts designed in the wind tunnel for maximum ventilation.
  • Visor made in one piece with the optical properties and mechanical strength without equal, the polycarbonate sheet specially made by General Electric is scratch-resistant and anti-fog inside and outside
  • Closing system D-Ring stainless steel with button fastening, patented by Suomy, easy to handle with gloves.
  • Pillows removable and washable and available in several thicknesses made of fine fabric Coolmax
  • Cap ergonomic removable and washable, available in various thicknesses made of precious fabric Coolmax
  • Removable nose deflector
  • New Helmet SR Sport Stars Orange certified ECE 22-05

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